Access mutiple NIC's via routing (Windows)

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Access mutiple NIC's via routing (Windows)

Post by ZaZ » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:54 pm

I've set up a OpenVPN server on Windows and it is sort of working.
Once a client is connected it can ping the server by it's virtual adapter and the server can also ping the client.
Things get funnier when wanting to access network resources of the server.
To get that working I have enabled IPEnableRouter and right clicked the networkcard of the network I'm wanting to share and shared it with the TAP/TUN adapter.
Ok, that's working and the client can access the resources, but now I also want to share another NIC in the server because it connects to a different network.
But Windows only allows me to share a single NIC with the TAP/TUN adapter.
So I can only share "Network A" or "Network B" but I want to share both and I cannot do a bridge.

Any suggestions?

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