Can't ping VPN server from LAN client

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Can't ping VPN server from LAN client

Post by twf85 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:05 pm

I have two requirements, but the last one is giving me a hell of a time:
  • Run VPN server from Windows 10 PC
  • Access SAMBA shares located on VPN server at same IP address from VPN and LAN clients
No matter what I tried, I could not access the VPN server via its LAN IP address from any VPN clients. To spell that out, it looked something like:

LAN IP of VPN server:
VPN subnet:
VPN server IP:

I could access the shares of the VPN server from VPN clients via, but not

Eventually, I gave up and ran the VPN server from the LAN gateway. Accessing the SAMBA shares via the same IP is critical for proper QuickBooks Multi-User support, so my hands were tied.

Now I'm taking another swing at it, but from an angle I hadn't thought of before: Access the shares via the VPN server IP ( from LAN and VPN clients ( &

I'm dead in the water. Again. I can't ping the VPN server IP from a client on the LAN (not directly connected to the VPN). I have tried:
  • Modifying the registry to enable IPEnableRouter and also started the Routing and Remote Access service
  • Routing via LAN gateway

    Code: Select all

    ip route add via ....
  • Routing on LAN client

    Code: Select all

    route add mask
Should I give this up and go back to trying to access VPN server via its LAN IP? Is it possible to access the LAN IP of the VPN server from VPN clients?

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