Client set up with multiple NICs and router

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Client set up with multiple NICs and router

Post by daytooner » Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:25 pm

First problem: I have a server that has two NICs, each on separate subnets. One is for my LAN (, the other for a dmz ( The dmz is connected directly to a cable modem router (on the '0' subnet); the LAN is connected to its own router that's then connected to the modem router. The dmz server is set up to route all of its WAN traffic via the dmz NIC.

How do I get to openvpn cloud via the dmz NIC ?

Second problem: I would like to have the vpn on the modem router, which is a TP-Link R600VPN. But I can't figure out how to upload the .opvn file to it (documentation seems to point to other devices :-( ). Anyone know this router?

Any help with these, especially the first problem, greatly appreciated.



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