2FA palaver

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2FA palaver

Post by jayartibee » Tue Jul 27, 2021 2:33 pm

I've been told by my tech guys that, to authenticate using two-factor, each time I wish to connect to our VPN, I have to edit the password to append the 2FA token to it - is this the only way? surely there is a way of getting a 2FA challenge popup - rather than having to edit the password manually?

It's running on a Sophos UTM

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Re: 2FA palaver

Post by openvpn_inc » Fri Aug 13, 2021 9:15 am

Hello jayartibee,

MFA can be implemented either in a separate challenge, or by combining the MFA response with the password, and having the target authentication system splitting those up again. This is not something that OpenVPN decides. This is something that the authentication system decides. This is just the way they have decided to implement it.

Only thing I can advise you is that if you don't like this, and you would the challenge to be separate, to ask your tech guys if they can implement it that way. OpenVPN certainly supports that. It's just not been implemented this way by whatever system you're using. If this system supports doing it with a separate challenge then get them to do that. If it doesn't, well, then there's not much you can do aside from looking for another VPN server solution that does implement MFA with a separate dialog.

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