How to access shared drives over OpenVPN

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How to access shared drives over OpenVPN

Post by cormeister7 » Sat Jun 12, 2021 5:47 pm

Hi. First timer here.

Just FINALLY got OpenVPN to connect to my network. I see my connection has a private IP address of How would I go about accessing my shared drives that are located in a NAS with an IP of I assume there must be some way to navigate to it, or connect to the server directly. I tried connect to server with the above IP address with no luck.

I dont know what I dont know!

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Re: How to access shared drives over OpenVPN

Post by openvpn_inc » Mon Jun 14, 2021 8:33 am

Hello cormeister 7,

Generally you use Windows Explorer and open the address \\ or use macOS Finder and use the 'go to server' function and connect to it using a URL like CIFS:// or something similar.

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