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First connection attempt consistently fails

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2021 11:13 am
by Hugh Messenger
I've been using OpenVPN for years, can't offhand remember ever having to make a second attempt at connecting after typing in my 6 digit authenticator code. So I know I can correctly type six digits, and am not in the habit of leaving it too late ... if there's less than 10 seconds on the shot clock in the authenticator, I wait.

But since a recent(ish) update (I'm currently on 3.3.2, this started happening a few months ago), pretty much every time OpenVPN prompts me to re-connect to any of my VPN's (usually after waking up my laptop), the first attempt will fail, and re-prompt me for a new code. And about a third of the time, even that second attempt will fail, and I'll have to have a third bite at the apple.

At first I thought maybe it as just me, and my run of being able to correctly type 6 digits had been broken. But it's now happening enough that I know it's not me, something has changed in OpenVPN Connect.

This isn't a show stopper, I always get connected eventually, but it is irritating.

-- hugh