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Connected to Server, but Unable to Access Shared Network Folders

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2021 3:52 pm
I have been dealing with this issue for a few months now. I am not well rounded with IOT or VPN trouble shooting so my terminology may be incorrect. Since I started my new position I have tried to work remotely and access the share folders on my office wifi. I am able to connect but I am not able to access out 2 shared network folders. I do get a few errors on start-up of the VPN which may be the cause, but I am not entirely sure. I'll paste them below. When following the cypher instruction prompted by the command window, I am not able to make changes to the client file since I am not the admin/owner of the file.
Mon Jun 21 11:29:44 2021 Warning: cannot open --log file: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\log\client.log: Input/output error (errno=5)
Mon Jun 21 11:29:44 2021 WARNING: Compression for receiving enabled. Compression has been used in the past to break encryption. Sent packets are not compressed unless "allow-compression yes" is also set.
Mon Jun 21 11:29:44 2021 --cipher is not set. Previous OpenVPN version defaulted to BF-CBC as fallback when cipher negotiation failed in this case. If you need this fallback please add '--data-ciphers-fallback BF-CBC' to your configuration and/or add BF-CBC to --data-ciphers.