Open VPN 2.8.7 unRaid and Windows 10 Problems

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Open VPN 2.8.7 unRaid and Windows 10 Problems

Post by russellmoran99 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 4:03 pm

Hello all. I have followed the direction of SpaceInvader's One updated tutorial to install OpenVPN as a docker in unraid. It appears to have worked flawlessly on setup. I have created only 1 autologin admin profile for my family to use to VPN back to our home network. I have used OpenVPN and the autologin profile on my iphone and can successfully use VNC to remote into my "local" machines even while I'm not on the local LAN. (SUCCESS). I am currently using VNC to remote into my lake home machine and I have successfully installed the OpenVPN Connect v3 client on the Windows 10 machine. I used the same autologin admin profile and it connects successfully.

The problem is that on the Lake Home Windows 10 machine, even though it shows successful connection, I can't see any network shares or even use Chrome to connect to the Unraid server as I can at home or on my iphone OpenVPN connection.

I am using Orbi RBR50 and have the same subnets as 192.168.1.x. I have confirmed on my lake home network, there is not the same ip as my unraid server. I am willing to give any more information you need. Thank you for any help.

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Re: Open VPN 2.8.7 unRaid and Windows 10 Problems

Post by openvpn_inc » Fri Feb 26, 2021 10:32 am

Hello russellmoran99,

Network shares won't be visible by browsing around in Windows Explorer, you will have to use the IP like \\ in the Windows Explorer address bar or whatever the address of the machine is where the share is. If you want to reach by DNS name you can set up a DNS server or use one you might already have in your network and then that can resolve \\pcname to whatever IP it is your PC with the share has.

I don't know why behavior would be different between 2 devices, that does not seem logical. I would suggest checking the client side log to be sure that the routes are being pushed, and to try to use ping and tcpdump to diagnose problems. You may reference this guide: ... pn-tunnel/

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