Automatically disconnect at a certain time

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Automatically disconnect at a certain time

Post by RetepV » Thu Mar 18, 2021 6:46 pm


I would find it a great feature if I could set up a time at which my VPN connection would automatically disconnect.

I use my personal phone to connect to my company’s VPN, and often forget to disconnect after I finish the work day. Especially now with Corona, I am working from home.

I’d like to have the VPN automatically disconnect at, say, 18:30 during weekdays. That’s the basic feature. But the feature can go further still, all the way to setting allow/disallow periods in a calendar etc.

Come to think of that... If you would implement automation, e.g. through Siri, or simply using special URI’s, I could probably do this already through the shortcuts app and iOS’s calendar.


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