Window Server Name Resolution on iPad

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Window Server Name Resolution on iPad

Post by netman33 » Sat Jan 30, 2021 9:47 pm

I have tried so many options i found here in the forum. I just cannot get it to resolve any of my server names on the ipad using safari or google. I have done split tunnel and i have routed all traffic to the tunnel. I have tried using domain name suffix both different and the same as my domain. I am only listing 2 internal dns servers in the profile. I can web search with no issues, and also whats my ip shows the ip of the vpn connection so i know the traffic is going to the tunnel since i am not doing split. I have tried adding pass commands for adapter domain prefix, dns, and the default gateway but the last 2 were duplicated when i exported the profile since i had them set already.

What am i missing. I have generated like 20 profiles trying to fix this, its driving me nuts! Also i tried to hit the server by ip address instead and it still did not work in safari which i thought was odd.

I am sort of confused on if i even need the dns prefix or if this is causing issues. My profile authenticates via ldap basically if that helps.

Thanks for any ideas in advance!

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