Openvpn connect v3.2.0 Server poll timeout, trying next remote entry

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Openvpn connect v3.2.0 Server poll timeout, trying next remote entry

Post by qevani.elton » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:40 am

Since I upgraded the Openvpn connect to the latest version it is impossible to connect anymore to the vpn (or more accurately it connect once in 50 tries ). My setup:
I have a vpn connection to get to the office network by using tunnelblick and then from office to reach servers on our cloud infrastructure we have another vpn connection (openvpn access server ) by using openvpn connect to be able to connect to some ec2 machines.
This setup has been working fine so far with tunnblick v 3.2 and openvpn connect 2.7.1 or openvpn cli 2.4.9.

Of course I have verified that the vpn host and port is reachable from my machine.

This setup does not seem to work anymore since we upgraded the openvn access server (2.8.5) and the openvpn connect to the latest version. In this setup if instead of latest version of openvpn connect I use version 2.7.1 or openvpn cli (2.4.9) then the connection is setup correctly. So something mush have changed in the openvpn client that breaks my setup.

so far I cannot see something wrong in our setup apart from "ns-cert-type server" option.
This configuration is autogenerated by the access server . I am still wondering why it is still using "ns-cert-type server" since that option is deprecated on 2.4 version and we are not setting up that option . Of course the error "Server poll timeout, trying next remote entry" happens way before that param is used as per ... nectivity/

Client config

# Default Cipher
cipher AES-256-CBC
proto tcp
port 443
dev tun
dev-type tun
ns-cert-type server
setenv opt tls-version-min 1.0 or-highest
reneg-sec 604800
sndbuf 0
rcvbuf 0
comp-lzo no
verb 3

key-direction 1

Any ideas dubuging this issue would be helpful
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