Question about Watchguard SSL and iMAC MacOS

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Question about Watchguard SSL and iMAC MacOS

Post by user-account447 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:31 pm


can you recommend me a troubleshouting about below problem with Watchguard SSL and iMAC MacOS?

watchguard T50 in Headquarter with basic security with latest firmware
AVM Fritzbox in the Home-Office
iMAC with Catalina
latest WG SSL Firebox Client
latest Tunnelblick OPEN VPN Client

customer reported:

If he cancel VPN on his iMAC, the whole local internet is offline of this iMAC. (if ping to his local gateway is still working I dunno)

He needs to restart his entire iMAC. Sorry - I have no Log infos atm. The situation is reproductive.
I don´t know how to restart only network service on a iMAC.

VPN SSL to headquarter is allowing local internet while connected via VPN.
He has no 3rd Party personal firewall software.
He was using it very seldom, we don´t know if the problem is new.

If he reconnect vpn-ssl manually, Watchguard Client or Tunnelblick both "show" connected, but whole local internet and VPN destinations aren´t reachable. If local home-office-router-gateway is reachable I dont know.

Suggest for next step: collect log and provide to watchguard support?

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