OpenVPN 3.0.3 (2104) missing external certificate

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OpenVPN 3.0.3 (2104) missing external certificate

Post by synthic » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:13 pm


Due to a recent update, from OpenVPN 3.0.2 (Connect) to OpenVPN 3.0.3, my OpenVPN via QVPN does not work anymore.

When I try to connect to my QVPN with OpenVPN, it does not respond anymore to my server while this use to work before perfectly after 5 seconds of waiting.
The error message that I get is:
Server poll timeout. trying next remote entry.
When I try to connect via my Macbook with Open VPN Connect (for Mac), it requires a certificate while using tunnelblick it still works but after 2 minutes of waiting.

Are there any changes that has to do something with the connection? I cannot figure it out what could have caused the problem.

OpenVPN Connect 3.0.3
* Removed the Private Tunnel section. The Private Tunnel app can be downloaded from the App Store separately
* Improved connection stability when device is in sleep mode
* Improved error messages during profile import and connection attempts
* Improved security by saving profile passwords in System Security storage
* Changed timeout logic when network is unavailable
* Fixed usage of basic authentication for proxies
* Fixed the ‘AES-CBC cipher algorithm’ setting to help connect to legacy servers
* Other various connectivity fixes

I hope you guys could help me out.

Your sinecrely,

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