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Ovpn won't reconnect while on LAN until 5 minutes later..

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 5:56 pm
by nukezero
So I seemed to have found a strange bug.

I have OVPN server setup on my internal home network on a raspberry pi.

When my iPhone is on cellular data mode, I can quickly connect/disconnect Ovpn session very fast. No issues.

But when I connect my iPhone to my home Wifi network, all on the same subnet as the RPI where the Ovpn server is, then when I connect to VPN for the FIRST time, it works!! Then when I disconnect, and hangs. Try again and again, it hangs and says it can't connect.

About around 5 minutes later, it all works again! I can connect 1 time only, then subsequent disconnect/reconnect will fail again and again until 5 minutes have elapsed.

What is going on and why is this behavior only observed when the iPhone is connected to the same LAN?