OpenVPN Connect no longer working - IPv6 problem?

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OpenVPN Connect no longer working - IPv6 problem?

Post by ngrigoriev » Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:17 am


I have noticed that my client on iPhone has stopped working some time ago. I finally got some time to troubleshoot it and it looks like the problem is related to IPv6. I see in the client logs that it tries to connect using IPv6 address. My server is running on my cable connection, at home. My connection is entirely IPv4, my ISP does not even support IPv6.

In fact, I think the problem is not exactly OpenVPN-specific. I use the port knocking sequence to unblock the port on the router that is forwarded to OpenVPN server behind it. And this port knocking app on iPhone does not work either, at least I do not see its traffic on the router...

Interestingly enough, if I hit the required ports from Safari on iPhone, I do see the traffic and I can play that sequence.

I can connect to the VPN server from another device from the public network, so it is definitely appears to have something to do with the client trying to use IPv6.

I'd appreciate any suggestions (except changing the ISP for my home cable connection ;) ).

Yes, I am using the latest iOS and OpenVPN Connect.

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