OpenVPN Client on Iphone

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Re: OpenVPN Client on Iphone

Post by TinCanTech » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:04 am

Monkeydo wrote:
Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:56 am
have more details, just let me know which thread you want me to post to
Start a new thread and post a link to it from this thread and link to this thread from your new thread.

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Re: OpenVPN Client on Iphone

Post by Monkeydo » Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:54 am

Ok Thanks, will do.

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Re: OpenVPN Client on Iphone

Post by Dorlie » Tue Apr 13, 2021 2:27 pm

I have OpenVPN on my phone that disconnects every 10 or 15 seconds. I am not sure what the problem is. It's a T-Mobile REVVL phone. Any ideas as to what's wrong and how to fix it?

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