Feature Request : Block non VPN traffic

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Feature Request : Block non VPN traffic

Post by sam9 » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:47 pm


why OpenVPN Connect for iOS doesn't have a feature to block non VPN traffic ?
I see some apps in the app store like IPVanish,NordVPN have a kill switch " system wide blocking traffic "
I don't talk about Seamless tunnel , I talk about a Kill switch that prevent any leaks and don't allow a traffic to go if there is no VPN connection

from IPVanish website for example they say " The Kill Switch disables system-wide internet access if you are not connected to a VPN server, meanwhile it also tries you to automatically reconnect to the most recently used server."

I know they use IKEV2 , but why if these apps can have this feature OpenVPN connect can't ?!

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