nat64 causing problems

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nat64 causing problems

Post by raincity23 » Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:36 pm


I'm using OpenVPN Connect (3.2.4 5891) on Android 11 connecting to OpenVPN 2.5.0 (asus-merlin arm build) that is running on a public IPv4 address at home. I'm looking to just access local resources at home on when connected via VPN.

The client connects successfully, however in the UI under Server Public IP, it says '64:ff9b::cf51:xxxx' which is the correct IPv4 address shown in IPv6 format.

This causes problems as my services use public DNS names:,, etc) which return IP's in namespace from public resolvers. However, you can not embed IP's in 64:ff9b:: IPv6 format so anything using these domains fail.

So how can I get the OpenVPN Connect app to connect directly with IPv4, instead of using the IPv6 translator? I went into Settings and tried setting IPV4-Only Tunnel under IPv6, but that didn't seem to make any changes.

Thanks for any help!

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