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Post by arifazar123 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:12 pm

I am new to this forum and OPENVPN, I want to set-up VPN server on my Raspberry PI3 to access my CCTV camera on local network, so i installed pivpn:

- On Raspberry PI Jessie, installed PIVPN, it generated the necessary config files. My local network is
- My PI has a local address of
- Added my SKY public address to http://www.noip.com so that I could use a FQDN, e.g. myvpnserver.ddns.net - this was used during the PIVPN install
- Used pivpn add to generate client1 keys to produce the ovpn file for my andriod phone
- Assigned port on my SKY router, e.g. UDP port 1194 points to my local PI server, e.g.
- copied .OPVN file onto my Android phone and attempted connection..

I get a message "waiting for server", the client log says "network not reachable"

I am stuck and need some help!! Could it be an iptable routing issue, would really appreciate some advice.. I am not a networking expert.

Thank you, regards Arif..

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