exporting ovpn configuration

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exporting ovpn configuration

Post by dhdurgee » Thu May 06, 2021 5:20 pm

I have a working VPN configuration on my android phone using OpenVPN Connect. I HAD a working VPN on my linux mint 18.3 system before I had to upgrade to linux mint 20.1 because 18.3 reached EOL. I imported the same .ovpn file I used to create the android VPN and it fails to work on linux. The error messages on linux appear to indicate an expired certificate:

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May  6 12:57:59 Z560 nm-openvpn[135976]: VERIFY ERROR: depth=2, error=certificate has expired: CN=OpenVPN CA
May  6 12:57:59 Z560 nm-openvpn[135976]: OpenSSL: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed
This does not occur on my android phone, so I can only assume that it has an updated certificate. How do I get that updated certificate over to linux so that I can get the VPN working there as well?

If I could export an ovpn from android to import on linux that would be ideal, but I see no export option offered.


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