shortcuts for VPN connect-disconnect automation

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shortcuts for VPN connect-disconnect automation

Post by varchapet » Mon Mar 29, 2021 11:26 am


I'm trying to automate VPN connection in certain conditions using Bixby routines on my Samsung phone (Android 11).
I've created OpenVpn Connect app shortcuts (via it's settings menu) for both connect and disconnect.
They work fine when I ran them manually (shortcuts appear on the screen) but Bixy routines does not show them (it should be under "Open an app or do an app action").

The shortcuts from another "OpenVpn For Android" app are in the mentioned section and they work fine via Bixy routines.

So it seems like something is missing or different with these shortcuts.
Any idea/plan to fix/support for automation via these shortcuts ?

I'm using OpenVpn connect version 3.2.4.


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