VPN between EU and AU through server nodes

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VPN between EU and AU through server nodes

Post by sbrusse » Sun May 24, 2015 11:38 pm


I'm currently working from Europe through RDP and teamviewer(ing) into my workstation in Sydney.
We have business connection on both sides, 10/10Mbps and 160/10Mbps with low latency 4-8ms on speedtest.net

When I RDP, teamviewer, ftp, etc from AU to EU and vice versa, to connection is horribly slow, about 1Mbps tops.
I notice that if I send data through google drive, it's incredibly fast, it's maxing out the connection on both sides.
I'm just guessing google use a private connection between continent that is way faster than the connection I have.
That's why I'm using GDrive to transfer all my data, but when I need to RDP, or PCoIP, it's really slow.

Therefore, I thought a good solution would be to get a provider with high bandwidth (google cloud, softlayer) that would let me run two server. One in Europe (London or Brussels) and one in Sydney Australia that would make the bridge of my connection through a VPN.
That way, I would use their private network between continent and have a way better latency/speed between EU and AU.

Would openVPN let me configure something like that on both servers?
If so, is it hard to implement?
Would you guys recon any other solution?

Thanks a lot for your feedback, this would literally change my life :oops:


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Re: VPN between EU and AU through server nodes

Post by Traffic » Tue May 26, 2015 10:33 am

All that OpenVPN can provide is a Virtual Private Network between sites.

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