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OpenVPN Web Interface kicking me out after login

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:20 pm
by SeanHub
Hi all,

Had this frustrating issue basically all day trying to get this configured.

Got Radius working after an hour of refreshing to get in, change a setting, then get kicked out. The system seems to absolutely have a mind of it's own.

For clarity, I'm using the AMI Image provided on Amazon Marketplace, really hoped it would have set me off on the right foot, if I need to nuke this and start from scatch, no big deal I can do that.

Issue is, when I login, using openvpn:password it'll bring me to the current status screen with a broken web page, and then ask me to login again, if I navigate anywhere.

Image provided of what it looks like, keeping in mind, this changes every minute, sometimes the page loads fine, sometimes there's no CSS errors, it has an absolute mind of it's own.