X509-Certificate Verification Failed

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X509-Certificate Verification Failed

Post by ursjaikumar » Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:38 am

I am using open VPN in my IPhone 7 Plus - IOS 12.4 and in our organisation we are using MD5 With RSA Encryption as Signature Algorithm. After importing the .ovpn file and other certificate files while establishing connection with server the following error message displays.
“X509-Certificate Verification Failed e.g. CRL, CA or Signature check failed”.

While contacting administrator for change of signature algorithm from MD5 it was replied that more number of clients are using the VPN files and not possible to change immediately.

Kindly provide a solution to use MD5 signature in above said phone or any other option for providing separate signature for particular number of clients without disturbing existing clients.

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