Openvpn-as learn-address

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Openvpn-as learn-address

Post by mobios » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:00 pm


Ubuntu: 18.04
openvpn-as 2.7.4-777bcfe6-Ubuntu18

i have following problem:

I want set dynamically iptables rules and wanna use the learn-address feature.
if i set:
learn-address /scripts/openvpn/

the openvpn server search always under /run/openvpn_as//scripts/openvpn/
What i want to say is that openvpn-as always searches for files under /run/openvpn_as. Why?

The /run/openvpn_as folder will always deleted after reboot (so my script too)

How can i with the openvpn_as 2.7.4-777bcfe6-Ubuntu18 use the feature learn-address?

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