Never used a vpn, well hamachi.

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Never used a vpn, well hamachi.

Post by lt72884 » Wed May 01, 2019 6:52 pm

Ok,soooo.. let me give small back ground

A few years back i finished a bachelors in network engineerimg, recieved my ccna and did half the ccnp. I WAS good at linux.... i hosted the open source conferwnce twice for my university...

ok, fast forward 5 years. I am now an areospace engineer. Yes, i did a full 180 turn on carer choices haha. AND i remember some stuff from my net admin days.

Thus said, i have never ever setup a vpn, besides the free version of hamachi.

Here are my questions.

Can you setup open vpn to be just like hamachi since that is what im used to.

Maybe my scenerio will help clear this up. 2 years ago, a friend and nieghboor allowed me his password for his AP. I even had access to the router. This allowed me to configure an ssh server on win 10 using bitvise server, which i really like, so i can login and grabb me files for school, work, 3d printing, etc.

Last week, they moved. Now im using my other friends BUT with the acception of no avcess to the router. So basically i lost access to the ssh server. However, last week, i was thinking that if i have hamachi running on my laptop and the pc at home with the ssh server, i should be able to ssh into the mavhine. Low and behold, it works. I just use bitvise client, put in the hamachi private ip and then supply the needed info and im in.

It works for now, but im running into the issue of, if i go to a local library or school, i can not install hamachi on their machines, this then makes it crazy hard to access

So first; can open vpn be used like how i am using hamachi?

Second; is there a portable usb gui client so that i can use it at a public computer?


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