OpenVPN AS Connection Issue

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OpenVPN AS Connection Issue

Post by cpaplaczyk » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:11 pm

I have just installed OpenVPN AS 2.1.9 as a VM and have configured all the settings. I created a single non admin user to connect to the VPN. The Netgear router will not allow me to open port 1194 as well as any other port it seems. (port 443 and 943 are open) I turned off UDP connection and am only using TCP through port 443. I have verified that the port is open with I have setup a DDNS services so I am able to see OpenVPN Connect service via port 943 from outside of the network. I am able to download and install the Connect client. Once installed I try to connect and it states that it is connected but I am unable to ping any internal IP or any outside IP, ie. Google ( I also try to resolve my external IP to determine that I am accessing the internet in that location and I never get a response from the Google. It seems that when I connect I have no internet access at all.

As a note I have of course re-downloaded and installed the Connect client every time I edit the OpenVPN AS settings.
Another note, I completed all of the 'Before you begin...' checks located below. ... ty-issues/

My question to you is where should I even begin to trouble shoot this connection/OpenVPN AS issue?

Any help would be appreciated.

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