OVP and Access Server (user credentials don't work)

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OVP and Access Server (user credentials don't work)

Post by FLipMode2k6 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:10 am

Hey guys,

I have two running windows server 2008 R2

one is my dc, and the other one has Hyper V installed (for openvpn access)

I installed LDAP on my DC and linked it on my Access Server, but I can't login with any user credentials..only with my standard OVPN login.

So i have some questions regarding this topic.

Is an LDS really necessary or is it enough to link my AD DS there ?
I Imported my AD DS Users/groups to my newly created LDS via Adamsync...is that enough or am i missing something ?
is there something I'm missing in general to make that setup work ?

thanks in advance :)

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