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OpenVPN AS vs Free with 2FA

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:25 pm
by Zach.Zamora
Hey there, I have some questions/concerns regarding the differences between the OpenVPN AS and the OpenVPN free services. I currently have the free version installed with DUO 2fa using openvpn-auth-radius plugin that calls to the DUO auth proxy. What I am noticing is that when I connect to the VPN everything seems okay and works as normal, but when I connect with another user, I am finding that while waiting for a response back from DUO for the 2FA, openvpn will stop passing ALL traffic. I have read around a bit and found some patches to the radius plugin, and even openvpn, so that it would Defer the authentication to a tmp file, and check that auth response later, so as to not cause OpenVPN to stop passing traffic. It is a bit buggy for me and will occasionally act up, and drop traffic on disconnect, not sure exactly why. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and found a way around it?

I have also installed the OpenVPN Access Server on a test machine and I have found that it does NOT have the same behavior, I am considering just purchasing OpenVPN access server, but I want to be sure that on a larger user scale(maybe 100 users), will it be fine, or will it eventually have the same issues?

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.