client side LAN,multiple user access howto

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client side LAN,multiple user access howto

Post by network786 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:52 am

Assume that we have openvpnAS having public ip and fully configured.
Now from client side having Linux machine,which have two LAN brings in internet(wan) and another LAN is to plug in to switch to connect different VoIP devices.

how we should configure the client side Linux machine to act AS router.

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Re: client side LAN,multiple user access howto

Post by swg0101 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:59 pm

From the OpenVPN Knowledgebase:
"Basically, the default router on the client gateway LAN needs to know which routes to forward to the VPN gateway client machine.

So take a simple case where you want other machines on the client gateway LAN to be able to connect to Let's say that the client LAN is numbered, the VPN gateway client machine is, and the router for the LAN is

First, on the AS server, set the properties for the VPN gateway client.
Set "Allow client to act as a VPN gateway for these client-side subnets" to

Next on the VPN gateway LAN, add the following route to the LAN router so that the LAN knows how to forward packets back to the VPN: ->

Also note that in the special case where VPN gateway client machine and the default router for the VPN gateway client LAN is the SAME machine, then nothing special needs to be done."
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