Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - OpenVPN image

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - OpenVPN image

Post by alrg » Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:39 pm


I am very sorry if my topic is not located in the right place, but I'm running out of my mind and I don't know who I can ask for help.

My problem is not directly linked to Openvpn but to the Oracle Cloud instance hosting the application. The installation goes well and I am able to connect to the VPN from my Windows client.

Where I am blocking is that the openvpn instance is not routing traffic from vpn clients to internet. When we're using on-premise servers, I know that packet forwarding should be enabled, so I thought I messed up the configuration. But after looking around a lot, I had liked to ssh on my cloud instance to check if packet forwarding is well enabled. And this is where I am ... I am totally unable to log on the instance using ssh key pairs.

The ssh public key seems not recognized (I get "Permission denied (publickey)." error) ...

So I'm looking for someone who knows the Oracle Cloud solution and maybe already set OpenVPN on it.

Please help, I'm becoming crazy.

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