Windows 10 Pro and incoming/outgoing traffic problem

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Windows 10 Pro and incoming/outgoing traffic problem

Post by Aitarus » Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:16 pm

I have two PCs that stand next to each other and are connected to the same switch and then router.
One of them has Win 10 Home (after upgrage from 7) and second preinstalled Win 10 Pro.
On Win 7 there is ESET AV installed and 10 has Windows defender and firewall.
OPVN AS on Win 7 works like a charm, but on Win 10 I can't force inbound traffic to reach OVPN server.
Installation and configuration goes without problems. I can connect to OVPN server from local network just fine but not from outside IP.
I enabled all required ports and apps in firewall and defender (and even turned off both of them at some point), opened UDP/TCP ports in router and even moved computer into DMZ but no incoming traffic but local are accepted by Win 10 Pro.
Some people wrote about TAP interface network installed with OPVN is blocked by windows as "untrusted network" but I don't know if thats the case or how can I change it - by the way all networks on this system are "private" so I guess it should not be the problem.
Do I have to resort to installation of some AV or IS just to "hijack" this windows "un/trusted network" policy?
I need to have two independent VPN servers "just in case" so simply adding routes to point to "working" PC won't suffice and I can't change router/firmware to some kind of WRT.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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