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natting oepnvpn access server to local subnet

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:09 pm
by paty
hi, i downloaded and install oponvpn access server using esxi and everything looked fine, i was successfull connected with a vpnclient,
the problem is, i can access the private subnet and i don't know how to create network interface on open vpn access server, that is in the same subnet as my private server. to be clear, after installing the openvpn access server, there were 4 interface, eth0 with my public ip, as0t0 with private ip in the same range as vpn clients and as0t1 also in the same range as vpn clients. but there was no interface in the same range as private subnet i want to access via vpn. i would like to ask how does the openvpn access server access privates subnet without network interface with the ip range in that private subnet. can someone help me.