Dual homed: one NIC for tunnel, one for non-encrypted

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Dual homed: one NIC for tunnel, one for non-encrypted

Post by petehartz » Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:44 pm

Now that my OVPN server is fully working, I feel the need to mess with it, and prolly break it in the process. Ahhh, the joys of being obsessed with technology.

Is it possible to configure a dual-homed OpenVPN server to send and receive all encrypted/tunneled traffic on one NIC, and use a separate NIC for unencrypted traffic only? Basically, traffic will flow from a remote device on the network to the OVPN server, back towards the Internet on a different subnet, and at my edge firewall, it will be tunneled elsewhere in the world.

I want to bounce the traffic through the network where the OVPN server is located because there is a webserver there hosting some content that I need to be able to access without having to bring the OVPN tunnel up and down when needed. I have the OVPN server fully working on a single NIC right now, and I can access everything - the Internet and the Intranet - just fine. But there is the need to cryptoid the traffic on the final leg back out to the Internet in the wild, which I have no idea how to setup with a single-homed server. So I'm looking to dual-home the server and separate the traffic to different NICs.

Is this possible?

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