Access Server Client as VPN Gateway

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Access Server Client as VPN Gateway

Post by dry_docker » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:51 pm

Could someone expand on this article for me: ... e-subnets/

I've been trying to create a setup for a OpenVPN Client to act as a gateway for a subnet the Access Server cannot reach - to allow for other clients to be able to reach that subnet via OpenVPN

[Client#1] -------> [Access Server] ----------> [VM (Client 2)] ---X----> [Subnet]

Client #1 can reach Client 2 via Access Server but cannot reach Subnet
Client #2 can reach Subnet.

The article seems to describe what I am trying to accomplish however try as I might I can't seem to get it to work. So if someone could either correct me if I have interpreted it wrong or explain with examples the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired results.

Much appreciated!

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