All client traffic through VPN with all ports

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All client traffic through VPN with all ports

Post by redace » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:33 pm

Hello !

Because of a special Router system installed in my appartement (don't ask question about it), I can't access all web services freely, I need to use an OpenVPN to tunnel all my traffic through a server. Then I can acces all ports and protocols on my computer (especially P2P and special ports for gaming, Discord/TeamSpeak purpose).

Some free openvpn servers are capable of such a thing, the problem is that they are too slow (over 300 ms of ping). So I intended to create my own server using a Dedicated Server (Google cloud VPS for who knows it).

My server is correctly set-up and I can connect to it but I wasn't able to get acces to the services I was looking for (like the free online servers i found). I tried to use (push "redirect-gateway def1") to make it work and several other options but I still can't make it work as intended.

I need to know how exactly I can do what I want with my server because it seems I missed something.
My firewall is set to fully accept all of the incoming/outgoing traffic.

Thank-you for your help !

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