OpenVPN config how to simple

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OpenVPN config how to simple

Post by AndyDK » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:52 pm

Hi all,

Just installed the .ova file from the OpenVPN site, to test how it works. But i've got a few questions i hope i could get answer of:

After config. in VMware Workstation Player, i made a user, and logged into that admin page.

What should i change/edit to get the basic out of the server? I mean, the plan is to install the .ova file on a server that should work as a VPN to remote to the server (running Win 10 Pro)

I should fill in the public IP address into Admin panel? And i should change the internal ip address to the local pool i should get access on (in this case it would be a local 192.168.1.xx i want access to from outside via the OpenVPN server running.

Is there anything else i should config? I using a ISP where i (hopefully) can get the ports open. Then i need to install the OpenVPN client on my client laptop, and enter the public IP to the server, and then the user/pass i made in Admin controlpanel.

Please correct me if i am wrong... :-)

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