OpenVPN AS not forwarding ports for pfsense client

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OpenVPN AS not forwarding ports for pfsense client

Post by pundip » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:11 am

I am trying to forward ports through an OpenVPN AS server to a pfSense router that is connected as a client. I want to do this because my home internet connection is a LTE/4G connection that is NATed at the ISP’S end as well. This means I do not get a public ip and instead get the ISP’s local LAN address. This is a problem because I cannot forward any ports from the outside.

In the OpenVPN AS server config User Permissions > More Settings > DMZ I have put in the address as instructed by ... ss-server/
The Open VPN AS server has been set up in AWS form the OpenVPN market AMI.
So the setup I am aiming for should look something like : (AWS public IP/OVPNAS server)
(NAT)-> (pfSense ovpn client IP)
(NAT)-> (Plex server or whatever)

The router has connected to the OpenVPN AS server and right now all internet traffic is going through the OpenVPN AS server.

My issue is that while the OpenVPN AS is receiving the packets they are not being forwarded to the client.
The OpenVPN AS is getting packets and this has been confirmed via sudo tcpdump -i eth0 tcp port 32400
The pfsense router is not getting packets confirmed via cpdump -i ovpnc3 tcp port 32400

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