Bridged OpenVPN's TAP Breaks Windows File Sharing

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Benjamin Wong
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Bridged OpenVPN's TAP Breaks Windows File Sharing

Post by Benjamin Wong » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:58 am

Hi there,
This issue that I'm having isn't entirely OpenVPNs fault, but I want to ask around to see if anyone has had this problem and found a way to resolve it.

I have OpenVPN running on my workplace server and we needed to use the TAP interface to forward the ICMP packets of a specific software we are using. I've managed to get OpenVPN running and our staff members are able to connect remotely through the VPN to access that software.

However, I've discovered that any shared folder that is stored on the system that is running the OpenVPN server is no longer accessible.
Other systems on our workplace network are able to ping the server's IP, but they can't access it through the Windows network address name.
The server itself couldn't even access its own shared folders. It can view the list of shared folders through \\SERVER but can't access any of them.

The moment I remove the network bridge connecting the LAN to tap-bridge, the shared folders all become accessible. I've tried all sorts of configuration options of that network bridge to no avail.

Has anyone been successful in resolving this or must I move my shared folders to a different system?

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Re: Bridged OpenVPN's TAP Breaks Windows File Sharing

Post by TinCanTech » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:19 am

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