Configuration - How?

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Configuration - How?

Post by StevePA » Tue May 15, 2018 4:34 pm

Not new to OpenVPN or OpenVPN Access Server but wondering how I can make configuration changes with openvpn_as.

I'm running on CentOS v6 with OpenVPN-AS 2.5 and everything is working but performance is extraordinarily slow, so I'd like to try experimenting/tuning but unsure where to put directives usually placed in /etc/openvpn.conf or similar as this only has /usr/local/openvpn/etc files (as.conf and config.json) that look remotely like a place to put directives.

Either that or the "additional" parameters in the admin web page, which I'm confused with the syntax. Mainly, I'd like to try adding these fairly common performance tuning parameters to the server:
sndbuf 0
rcvbuf 0
push "sndbuf 393216"
push "rcvbuf 393216"
tun-mtu 1400
mssfix 1360

So how can I do this? Also, any good resources on performance issues in the latest build? I have a much older build (2.1) that does not experience the performance issues I'm encountering with 2.5... but I'm sure adding some tweaks will get this to where I need it performance-wise.

Thank you!

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