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Client as gateway , unable to access local network.

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 1:17 pm
by stoof
Hi guys,

I have 2 scenarios where I had setup an openvpn client as gateway connecting back to an openvpn AS in the cloud.
In my preferred setup the client gateway does not allow access to my internal network as it normally should.

I attached 2 network diagrams,

With the first one ,preferred setup openvpn207.jpg, OPENVPN client B cannot access the internal network server (ip

With the second one, openvpn207_2.jpg, OPENVPN client B can access the internal network server (ip

Now I would like to use the first setup because this way the VPN traffic is seperated, instead of having all the home network traffice going over the VPN tunnel like in the other setup.

does somebody have an idea why the first setup is not working?