How to reset ovpn server routes

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How to reset ovpn server routes

Post by studmuffin » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:59 pm

I have OpenVPN AS installed on a Digital Ocean box, which has an L2TP/ipsec connection to my network.
When the server boots, this ipsec tunnel is the last thing to start (all done through scripts which also check the connection is still live, and restarts if it drops).
The problem I'm having, is everytime the tunnel reconnects, openvpn no longer has a route to that network until I restart the openvpn services on teh server.
I can stop/start the openvpn as server each time the tunnel resets. But it would be much cleaner if there's some way to just refresh the routes for openvpn?
tbh, I'm not even sure why this disconnect happens between openvpn and the ipsec tunnel. The server itself can ping devices across the tunnel, but openvpn server will not work for this network.

I first discovered this when I would modified users IP information. Pushing the updates to the server will restart " the relevant components of the server ... to activate the changes made to the active profile". The user's connection would be reset, then they would be able to access devices across the ipsec tunnel.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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