OpenVPN Access Server with Dual WAN

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OpenVPN Access Server with Dual WAN

Post by debasis.parida » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:01 am


I am using OpenVPN access server (v2.0.11) in a virtual server (CentOS 6.X) for our organization for other users to remotely connect to resources at office premises. I am a bit noob on this, so please excuse and help if it's a rather silly questions.

I have created two virtual interfaces, and provided two LAN IPs to them. I want to assign two public IPs (from two different ISPs) to the access server, so that if one ISP link goes down, users can still connect to the public IP provided by other ISP.

I have attached the image as I am not sure which image host to use.
From firewall, the public IP to LAN IP forwarding is already done. I am not sure, how to configure the alternate public IP in OpenVPN AS. Please assist. :)

EDIT: Removed the image hostlink.
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