Route all client Internet traffic only for specific user

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Route all client Internet traffic only for specific user

Post by jgrassler » Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:07 pm

Hello guys.
I have an Openvpn Acess Server 2.7.4 running in production.
I use it to give external employees access to specific internal servers.

Its a routed configuration that assigns static ip addresses and specific access to selected ip addresses via User Permissions => access control.
Ex: allow access to network

Problem: I need to route all internet traffic for a specific user.
I cannot change the"global" "Should client Internet traffic be routed through the VPN?" for all users since that would break the setup for other users.

I found solutions to change the global config to route all and then write .ovpn client configs for users, but that is not usefull if i have to manually send out 10 configs and i would rather quickly set up a second ovpn-as instance.

Can i alter the one user to have redirect-gateway active via cli.

PS: as he would have an static ip i can filter access to internal networks on the next hop at the firewall.
Is there maybe a sneaky way to allow access to all networks as in and have the vpn server be the defafult gateway by this way?
(think that is not possible since the vpn server itself must be routed over the real gateway ? )

Quick information would be nice :), i dont need detailed steps, just information if it is possble.
Thanks in advance!

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