Weird issue with OpenVPN

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Weird issue with OpenVPN

Post by fasal » Fri Aug 21, 2020 1:08 pm

Hello Team,

From yesterday onwards, I'm facing a weird issue with my OpenVPN server, which was working perfectly fine until yesterday night. First, I will mention about my environment.

My server has two IP network configured, in which the main IP is used to run OpenVPN and the second IP is for the website/email service running on the same cPanel server. Both OpenVPN server and website/email is running on the same server but on different IPs.

From yesterday onwards, some random users are facing a weird issue where once they connected to VPN server successfully, the second IP on the server is not accessible which means the website and email is not accessible. Everything else is loading perfectly fine, and shows the correct VPN server IP address. The only issue is facing issue connecting to the secondary IP on the same server where everything else is running. If I restart the OpenVPN server, then the user could connect again and all working fine but after some time other random user is facing the similar situation.

I checked the logs, but no error found during their connection and all seems connected fine. I don't know where else I've to look to troubleshoot the cause. I'm stuck at this issue now. Can someone help me out with this, and advise where to look next?

NOTE: The only issue is to connect to the services running on the secondary IP on the same VPN server, everything else are working perfectly fine.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

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