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OpenVPN AS + Mikrotik Bad compression stub decompression header byte

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:56 pm
by Dmitry

I installed OpenVPN Access Server (ver. 2.7.4) and i cannot connect to it from mikrotik router (RouterOS ver. 6.45.3) as OpenVPN clinet.
More precisely, the connection passes, but the traffic through the tunnel does not go
In server logs i've got an errors like that (username and IP address changed):

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2019-08-13T14:35:01+0300 [stdout#info] [OVPN 0] OUT: 'Tue Aug 13 11:35:01 2019 client/ Bad compression stub decompression header byte: 69'
From linux and windows clients connects without any problems and traffic goes.
In OpenVPN AS Configuration:
Network Settings => Protocol = TCP
Advanced VPN => Default Compression Settings = OFF
Advanced VPN => Default TLS Auth Settings = OFF

Prior to this set up Mikrotiks as clients and everything worked well, but there was the usual (OpenSource) OpenVPN server (NOT Access Server).
I have been looking for information about this error on the Internet and on this forum, but I have not found any working solution.