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OpenVPN AS and iOS on demand

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 3:03 pm
by jfrench1011
I'm wondering if someone can assist me. I have my OpenVPN Access Server up and running, working fine. I have auto connect profiles for connecting my iOS devices, which work as expected. I can open the OpenVPN client and connect to my VPN and everything runs as expected.

I'm now trying to set up the iOS VPN on demand to:

- connect when device is on unsecured wifi
- connect when device is on specified wifi networks
- disconnect when device is on specified wifi networks

I know this can be accomplished with on demand profiles (.mobileconfig) but I can't seem to find and easy to understand walk thru for setting this up. Is there anything that can assist taking my OpenVPN Access Server profile (.ovpn) and turning it into .mobileconfig to do the above settings?