Setting up OpenVPN AS on Hyper-V to Connect to Home Desktop?

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Setting up OpenVPN AS on Hyper-V to Connect to Home Desktop?

Post by cerealserver » Tue Feb 05, 2019 5:57 pm


I'm a hobbyist, decided to try out OpenVPN Access Server. I searched many many times for a tutorial that cover my situation but even if there is, the technical terminologies used is beyond me. My goals are simple:
  • ability to connect to home desktop, running on Win 10 Pro, to access the installed Matlab there, from anywhere as long as I have access to internet
  • but through secure connections, I thought that means I need my other laptop to be connected to this desktop via VPN
  • I also want to hide my IP location whenever I'm using public Wi-Fi
  • bypassing geo restrictions to contents in the US when I'm traveling internationally by VPN connection
  • being able to connect to this access server on my phone running iOS
Here's what I've tried so far:
  1. Downloaded the OpenVPN AS VHD and followed the instructions here: ... n-hyper-v/
  2. Created one external virtual switch to be connected with physical NIC, and allowed sharing with management OS. There's already a default internal switch, which comes with Hyper-V, which is said to have NAT capability
  3. Also this home desktop is connected via ethernet to a modem router which gives wireless internet to the entire home
That's where I'm stuck. When I started the initial configuration for OpenVPN Access Server, I couldn't use Hence, in the 01-netcfg.yaml, I set an IP within the subnet of home router which I know was leased to a forgotten device before (let's say final octet is 130) for eth0, with a hope that my modem router would recognize this VM. Eth0 is the virtual adapter connected to the external switch.

I thought to achieve the goals I mentioned above, what I need is for OpenVPN Access Server VM to be the one connected to internet, and admin would only be accessible in the internal network (so I should be able to open admin webpage from the home desktop's browser, since it's connected to the default internal switch?). I certainly don't want admin webpage to be accessible to world wide net.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Re: Setting up OpenVPN AS on Hyper-V to Connect to Home Desktop?

Post by novaflash » Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:13 am

I believe what you want should be possible but with HyperV you need to make sure that you bridge the Access Server to your network, and not use the NAT capability. The NAT function allows virtual machines in HyperV to access the Internet, but not for the Internet to reach those virtual machines, and you really do need that. So, bridge it, so the Access Server gets an IP on your actual network, and then do port forwarding to it on TCP 443, TCP 943, and UDP 1194, and then you should be able to continue configuration from there.

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