Router logs showing unexpected inbound IP connections

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Router logs showing unexpected inbound IP connections

Post by Jak_Attak » Thu May 17, 2018 3:33 am

Forgive my ignorance but I have a question. I setup OpenVPN AS on my unraid box a while back, setup went smoothly and everything worked right off the bat. I was a little proud of myself because I've never setup a docker before and linux is a big ass mystery to me. The problem is that my router logs are still showing the occasional connection to the IP and port of the OPVN AS from unauthorized ip addresses. I thought that this was not supposed to be possible with OVPN running. I can't access my network remotely without the Ovpn client running on my devices so how can someone in Israel pull if off?

All help will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Router logs showing unexpected inbound IP connections

Post by novaflash » Thu May 17, 2018 5:26 am

Hello Jack,

Well, the Access Server runs its services on the public Internet, right, so you can connect to it from anywhere in the world, if you have the right codes and client program. So, I don't know what kind of connections you see, but could it be just the log reports that you're looking at perhaps, and that it is showing people trying and failing to log in at the web interface?

Without more information it's difficult to know what's going on but without your codes to log in to the VPN tunnel, people won't get anywhere.

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