Access Server configuration for dynamic IP

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Access Server configuration for dynamic IP

Post by pulpaul » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:13 pm

Hello there,

First of all I excuse myself because my knowledge in networks and routing is very limited. I have been searching how to configure an Openvpn-As in a domestic network having dynamic IP and I haven't reached anything clear, understable for people close to my networks knowledge level.

So I think this post could benefit a lot of people, trying to set up and Acces Server in a domestic network.

The machine running is runing an static local IP address. Ex.

Also the local IP has DMZ exception activated and is totaly reachable from the external network.

Uses the latest lubuntu server (16.04). It has enabled modules to create tun/tap (modprobe tun command shows no error)

Also the machine/server is successfully running an DDNS service updated by script. Such as

So here are my questions. As I install Access Server, the default IP on the server configuration is taken by default from the enabled interface enp0s25 in my case, which corresponds to a local IP address Ex.

So this makes the server unreachable when I try to connect through the internet as a client. I havent found exactly a documentation that explains how to configure and solve this case.

So please any help would be really appreciated.

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Re: Access Server configuration for dynamic IP

Post by novaflash » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:28 pm

Okay, so, I recommend you:

- Create a DNS record that resolves to the public IP.
- Open ports from the Internet, TCP 443, TCP 943, UDP 1194, to the local IP of the Access Server.
- Go to Server Network Settings in the Admin UI and set the host name or IP address field to that DNS name.
- Save settings, update running servers.
- Uninstall/redownload/reinstall one of the clients.
- Get a beer.
- Connect the client and watch it connect successfully.
- Sit back and drink the beer.

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